183 Troop Week 26-27

183 Troop Diary Week’s 26-27

1. Week 26 was a week to look forward to, as on the Monday we had a 6 mile speed march which, if passed, enabled us to enter the commando phase and earn a cap comforter; something that holds a lot of history. The troop put in a very strong effort and everyone passed!

2. On the Tuesday we had a day at Foggin Tor with the Mountain Leaders, a day which causes much dismay on the nod vine as an “Epic day “. We arrived early and had a 1 mile Bergan run to the tour and then cracked straight on with a hang-out of a warm up and the fitting of our harnesses. The ML’s timed this and overlooked to ensure we were paying attention on the previous days lecture. We then cracked on with the days evolutions involving rock climbing, abseiling, ladder climbing and other activities involving the lungathon (a sprint round the tor as a section, an abseil and a rock climb) with the losing section’s forfeit being …mud dives into the ‘Jacuzii’! Throughout the day the whole troop was switched on and doing the correct drill’s which meant we didn’t get any remedial PT but we got a rare chuck up from the ML’s saying we were one of the better troops they have had!

3. The Wednesday involved an introduction to the Tarzan Assault Course which was good fun and also preparation for Final Ex! The final exercise in training which was where you proved you’re the correct standard to become a Royal Marines Commando and your chance to further impress the training team!

4. Final Ex started in Bovington where we embarked on Viking to a harbour location and carried out recce patrols leading to an early morning attack on a compound with the Viking’s as fire support, we then got straight onto the Viking and headed to the RV site where 2 Merlin Helicopters landed and took the troop to Dartmoor! On arrival we conducted our first yomp of the Ex which was our insertion yomp to our next harbour area. We spent 4 disgusting days on Dartmoor which all were spent soaking wet and pretty cold whilst we conducting recces, OP’s, advance to contact’s, fighting in woods and forests and not to mention ‘Killer Yomp’ which was a 5k early morning yomp to an enemy compound, which we aggressively took control of, followed by a further yomp of what seemed like a good extra 25k, maybe more! After our final attack in Dartmoor on a forest which the training team described as “hoofing” we got straight on a Chinook and went to a base in Plymouth where, as part of our battle prep, our section got a rare treat of fast roping out of a Lynx! We then embarked on a Landing Craft which took us to HMS BRECON where we would stay for the next 2 days!

5. The final couple of days on HMS BRECON involved a whole day of doing recces and OP’s of a nearby enemy fort which we would be attacking as our final attack to destroy the enemy. We were led by a young officer in training who was being assessed at the time and we were eager to dig out for him in the attack! After orders early morning Thursday we embarked on landing craft the Whacker Quay where we advanced quietly to the Line of Departure which involved abseiling into the fort’s moat and climbing through a series of mouse holes underneath to get into the fort and surprise the enemy. Under the watchful eye of our training team and several high ranking officers who were assessing we began our attack underneath some hoofing fire support and pushed through the whole complex with ease destroying the entire enemy. The whole day was wicked and the troop got a massive chuck up from our troop commander at the end which put plenty of smiles on the faces of the troop. Now to wait and see who has passed!


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