192 Troop Week 4-5

Week 4
Finally out of the foundation phase our lumitabs have been removed and the Troop has moved into week 4 of training. With the tempo and learning curve ramping up another tough week was ahead for the lads.

Starting the week with EX EARLY NIGHT, another night up on Woodbury Common, we were taught how to cook rations, wash and the fundamentals of setting up a tactical harbour. This would prove to be important as that night we would conduct sentry duty for the first time from our new harbour. In the morning we packed everything up and conducted a 4 mile march back to camp with our webbing and a rifle.

Throughout the week there were plenty of lessons down in the weapon stances as we prepared for our basic weapon handling test at the end of the week recapping over our basic drills with the weapons systems. Gradually these drills were becoming more and more second nature and we learned the different positions from which the weapon could be fired from. By the end of the week we had all passed the weapon handling test.

With our PTI happy with the Troop’s progression in the gym and in the swimming pool throughout the week, 192 Tp finished the week with some strong performances during some difficult gym session.

Week 5

Knowing that we would be seeing our families in less then a week’s time 192 Tp were motivated moving into week 5.

Starting Monday morning out with a 4 mile run through the country lanes in the rain, later that day we moved to Woodbury Common yet again for EX QUICK COVER, which consisted of 2 nights in the field where we learned the basics of camouflage, concealment, judging distance and observation. 192 Tp had their first taste of firing the SA 80 assault rifle as we used tactics to charge tactics and fire blank rounds, which gave everyone a buzz and a first real feel of soldiering. However, this was shortly lived as that evolution finished and it was time to be fully submerged in Peter’s Pool prior to last light in order to practise conducting wet and dry in the field environment. That night the rain hammered down and morale started to fade. At the end of the week we had a 5 mile extraction march back to camp with webbing, daysack and rifle.

Having de-serviced all our kit from Exercise the Troop realised it was now only two days until families day. Last minute run throughs in the gym and on the parade ground were essential to ensure that we were on the ball for families day.

So the day was finally here and everyone was happy as we prepared to show off to our families how much we had changed in 5 weeks of military life. Making our families and most importantly ourselves proud we took off on leave with them for a long weekend.

5 weeks down, 26 to go!


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