191 Troop Week 8

After week 7 flying by due to Marshall Star taking up the majority of the week, week 8 was upon us! This was an important week as it was the Company Commander’s rounds on Wednesday.

The week started with a sprint matrix on top field for a cheeky hour, which seemed to make everyone’s leg hang out for the remainder of the week! Always an enjoyable session as it gets us out of the gym and breaks up the monotony of the IMF. Every morning and evening leading up to Wednesday we had rigorous inspections to get us to the standard necessary to pass. We didn’t manage to pass the first inspection so this meant extra rounds conducted by the training team on the evenings each day until the Wednesday morning. This meant countless hours spent on admin and even less sleep then the norm.

Tuesday was a good start to the day with a 3 hour close quarter combat session, which the troop always seems to enjoy. We moved on to chokes and holds, and it was great fun putting each other into uncomfortable positions. Following this we had first aid lectures for the rest of the day in preparation for our first aid exam coming up the next week. This helped us a lot to become more familiar with the procedures needed to pass the exam.

Wednesday was here at last, and after very little sleep the night before (up cleaning all night) everything looks spankers! It was 8 o’clock and OC Ports Company had arrived, everyone sprung into attention and silence surrounded the accommodation while each room awaited inspection. He would approach us individually and ask us random questions on the topics we have learned to far in training while rummaging through our lockers. One lad got asked who his section commander was, to which he replied OC Portsmouth Company! This brought some humour to the room and even OC Portsmouth Comapny laughed, as the Section Commander stood to the side shaking his head. Probably the biggest mistake of the inspection but the troop definitely got more than enough laughs from it. He had finally finished and we had passed the inspection. The troop was more than relieved to pass, so morale was high, even the training team was happy which is always a good thing! This meant we could finally sleep easy getting more than a few hours sleep. Finally!! Later that day we had out first run in boots which some of us were rather apprehensive about as our legs were still hanging out from the Monday! Turns out the 4 miler wasn’t too bad after all and we managed it in good time. The PTI was happy with our efforts making Wednesday an overall good day for 191.

With the week flying by, Thursday was a day to look forward to as this was a day spent with the Mountain Leaders (MLs), even though we were slightly anxious to meet them as they are rather notorious for only accepting the highest of standards. Turns out we did well as a Troop, paying close attention learning the stuff they taught which was really interesting and enjoyable. We learnt basic survival, this gave us a understanding of how to make shelters and fires, use the sun and stars to help us navigate and, best of all, traps to catch the local game. The day ended with a brisk 1 mile run, chasing the ML back to the coach.

The week was coming to an end and Friday was upon us. We started the day with a standard IMF session in the gym which was a really good session, as we concentrated on the key areas such was rope climbing and beam circuits. Definitely helped boost the whole Troop’s confidence in preparation for gym pass out next week. After a very rapid quick change we were straight into field kit and off to Woodbury for static map stances and orienteering. This ended with a march back to CTC at our fastest pace yet. Finally the weekend was here and on a whole week 8 was a good week for 191. Hopefully this will carry on into week 9 for gym passout.


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