186 Troop Week 17-18

186 Tp – Week 17

We started of the week with our final signals exercise which consisted of locating checkpoints in and around camp, reporting back various messages to zero at each check point. Tuesday was a day of a 3 hour bottom field session and lectures we also got our blues and full Lovets fitted. On Wednesday we deployed to Bovington to do our Viking drills for the rest of the week. We received a general lecture about what we would be covering over the rest of the week. We also went over entering and exiting the Vikings. After a nice little static circuit with the Troop Sergeant we were able to get our heads down for the night. On Tuesday we were taught how to use a re-breather effectively and then went on to start using them under water where we quickly realised one breath in a bag does not go very far unless you over exaggerate you’re exhalation. After, we progresses on to holding under water and then pulling ourselves along a rope, zigzagging across a pool. Then when we had successfully completed those drills we got back on the coach to Yeovil. In Yeovil we carried out the same re-breather test zig zagging across the pool the only difference was that if was 3 meters deep this time, that made the re-breathers slightly harder to use. After that we conducted Viking dunker drills to ensure we could all escape a Viking. At the end of the day we made our way back to Bovington. Finally on Friday we got to go on the Vikings, putting our new skill. Then we drove around and went through water and practiced getting out which I think we all enjoyed. After that we helped wash down the Vikings and made our way back to Lympstone and had a lecture on vehicle recognition. On Saturday we had our battlefield swim test followed by RMCC then a circuit and 5 camp running circuits, then we were done for the weekend another week down.

Week 18

On Monday morning we had a bottom field session, then we found out that we had just lost 7 members of the troop due to either not being successful with the rebreather drills from the previous week. We then deployed on Exercise Second Empire in Braunton Burrows which was an almost 2 hour coach drive. We were all chuffed to hear we could get our heads down! After yomping to where we would be spending the rest of the week we set up the team tent and did a walk through/talk through on section attacks. Then we set up our patrol harbour. Tuesday we did section attacks all day; the section attacks were fun giving the whole section the chance to be I/C. We could all see a vast improvement in the attacks as the day progressed. That evening we went through actions on: enemy seen in a harbour and then a troop attack. On Wednesday we went through fighting patrols and later that evening we received orders and did a troop ambush. The ambush went down well and was pretty awesome with the trip flares, heavy weight of rifle fire, smoke and simulated Claymores. We then went onto conducting section recces on the enemy for a troop attack that afternoon. Alas, we were attacked by the enemy in our patrol harbour by indirect (simulated artillery and mortar) fire we then had to leave and move to a new patrol harbour where we set up model pits and received orders for Friday morning’s troop attack. On Friday we were all up ready to leave at 05:15 to move to the position for the troop attack; we had an H Hour of 06:30. The troop attack went well and everything went to plan leaving everyone buzzing during and after the attack. After the attack we took down the team tent and started our 6 mile yomp to the coach, we all made it to the coach with another 2 hour head down. When we returned we sorted out stores and started deservicing our kit before a phys session that consisted of a circuit that night. Saturday we had a good bottom field session in the morning before we were thinned out for the weekend. Week 18 done and dusted!


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