185 Troop Week 20


1. Monday was one of the most important days of training so far, Bottom Field Passout. After a previous week of hard fitness sessions preparing us, the moment had finally arrived. Morale was high and so were the Training Team’s expectations so we all felt a combination of nerves and excitement. We started with the 30 ft rope climb which everyone passed. Then the assault course and 200m fireman’s carry, both of which everyone passed. This left the final part of the assessment, the full regain over the tank. Despite a few of the troop having to carry out the regain multiple times we all got over the tank first time. Overall the whole troop achieved a 100% pass rate, something which doesn’t happen regularly.

2. Tuesday was a day of inspections. First of all we had the First Drill’s Inspection. This was the most important inspection we’ve had on the Parade Ground where those inspecting go into minute detail. As a result only half the troop managed to get away without having to re-parade later in the evening. Whilst this was happening our accommodation was undergoing CO’s Rounds, a thorough inspection of our living quarters.

3. We spent Wednesday with the Assault Engineers in their compound learning about wire defences and mines. We then had a section competition to build a sandbag wall which proved not as simple as it may seem. There is an art to effectively building sandbag defences.

4. We spent the whole of Thursday conducting chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training ahead of our written exam. We mainly focused on the nuclear threat and its relevance today. Our Bottom Field fitness session turned out to be a game of football, a pleasant surprise for us all and a well earned reward.

5. Friday was short and sweet. We conducted the final phases of CBRN training and had a quick lesson on the principles of withdrawal before being granted a long weekend leave! A good end to a hard but rewarding week.


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