185 Troop Week 19


1. This week is known as the famed ‘crash week’. This is because of the amount of fitness we conduct. It started with a full run through on the ‘Bottom Field’ carrying 21lbs and a weapon. A full run through consists of a 30ft rope climb, a best effort lap of the assault course, 200m fireman’s carry and a full regain over the tank. This was followed by three days of high intensity circuits incorporating the exercises mentioned, designed to improve our level of fitness whilst putting us through extreme fatigue ahead of our “Bottom Field Passout” next week.

2. Concurrently to this we also began our lessons on counter-insurgency (COIN) operations, which focuses on operations in built up areas (also known as OBUA). We were also introduced and taught how to use the general purpose machine gun (GPMG). This is a section-level fire support weapon that uses 7.62mm rounds, slightly larger than the 5.56mm ones used in our rifles. It is capable of a fierce rate of fire and is truly considered a battle winning asset. After passing our weapons handling test on we then took it to the range on Friday to conduct an introductory shoot.

3. This week was challenging both physically and mentally, not only were we conducting intense “phys” but also learnt how to use a new weapon system. We are now looking forward to getting a good pass in the bag on Monday when we conduct our “Bottom Field Passout”.


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