189 Troop Week 8

Week 8 was a very much needed break on camp after the challenging nature of exercise ‘Marshall Star’ made worst by mother nature introducing the troop to rain for the first time. Our run of good luck with the weather hand to run out eventually with Autumn approaching and the ‘sunshine troop’ was glad to be back in the grots for a very relaxed week of map reading, IMF and First aid.

The whole point of week 8 was to prepare for gym pass out and the first aid tests in week 9.

In first aid we were learning to do first aid in combat and non combat situations which no one seemed to struggle with and the whole troop was on a high for being back in the lecture room, after the 20 minute high we were back to falling asleep and living up to the name “NOD”.

IMF was relaxed at the start of the week to aid the troops recovery from exercise Marshall Star and got more intense as the week went on with nothing left in the tank by the end of the week in preparation for week 9. We were trying to nail the speed and aggression on the beam for the most of it.

Week 8 also included our interval drill pass out which was a slightly more glorified version of the drill lesson done on family’s day, though I don’t think there was much more in the pass out, it was just done to a much better standard with the 1st DL watching and scoring us on points. The Troop got a high score with messing up only one ‘about turn’ and maintaining our high reputation, pulling it out of the bag on the day!

The whole troop was strong on map reading from the very start and this week was about resections which enable us to find where we are on the map by reading the terrain we are in and plotting back bearings to triangulate our position. We went out on to Woodbury common to put this into practice and there were no real dramas, it was topped off with a speed march 4 miles back to camp just for good measure.


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