192 Troop Week 1-3

Week 1

Day 1, week 1, the beginning of training for 192 Tp at CTCRM. 40 new, apprehensive Recruits got haircuts and attested, committing themselves to 28 days of training.

We had all heard the stories of how busy week 1 was, and these tales were very true! We learnt about admin (ie taking care of yourself) which entails activities such as washing, hygiene, ironing, cleaning etc. These are fundamental and important skills and as such, are drilled into you from day 1.

We also completed the fitness tests, the same that you complete on the PRMC, to see how your phys has been going since you passed as well as giving the PTI’s an overview of the fitness levels of the Troop. So make sure you keep on top of it while you are waiting for your start date to come around!

The rest of the week was filled with the issuing of kit, lectures and drill. We also got a few hours to go ashore into Exeter on the Saturday and Sunday. It was a challenging week but before we knew it, it was Monday, and week 1 was in the bag!

31 weeks to go…

Week 2

So, the second week of Foundation was upon us. Slowly things were starting to come together with respect to admin. We were getting quicker at making beds and ironing rigs as well as crucially starting to come together as a Troop and work as a team. This was invaluable as it assisted cleaning of the accommodation and the bonding of the Troop.

The learning curve is very steep at CTCRM and things ramp up very quickly as days go by. We had a couple of inspections during the week to help us prepare for the pass/fail inspection on the Friday. Each day, standards were expected to be better and better.

The phys was starting to ramp up too and we were introduced to the camp circuit and top field. On the Tuesday, we had out first night in the field, the primary objectives being to learn the wet/dry routing and how to put up different types of shelter with the poncho.

As the end of the week came around, we had our final inspection and we passed! So on the Saturday we moved out of the Foundation Centre and into B Block, our home for the next 8 months.

This week was a long week but we were all happy to move into the new grots. Most of the lads had settled into life at CTCRM now, and things were looking up!

Week 3

The final week of Foundation was upon us, and with it, we had a very busy schedule. We started our close quarter combat sessions, which everyone enjoyed. The phys was also starting to really ramp up as well as the expectations of us as a Troop.

We had an inspection on the Tuesday, which was not a total disaster, however our Drill Instructor made it very clear that things would need to improve by our Thursday inspection.

Our days were really starting to fill up and with our ever busier schedule, we were struggling to move between details and evolutions fast enough. However, despite our tardiness, our overall performance in drill, phys and admin was improving. We passed our Thursday inspection with the Drill Instructor happier than he was on Tuesday.

Overall, week 3 was a vast improvement over the previous two, with big improvements in most areas of training. We all thought the Tp has turned a corner this week and we are all looking forward to the coming weeks.


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