191 Troop Week 6

1. So we returned to CTCRM from our long weekend after families’ day in good spirits from spending time with family and friends. The week began with a typically hard IMF session. Also that day we learnt a new team game movement to help us score maximum points in our week 9 gym pass out. We later had our first lecture of many to come this week which was First Aid which was a good laugh as the lecturer was quality and made everything interesting. We then had a practical first aid lecture down in the stances where we would be performing CPR and putting a casualty in the recovery position but for some people this was more trying to force their tongues down Anne (The CPR Doll) as well as break her ribs.

2. Our introduction to JPA was amusing as Rct Dowdle was moaning because of how much he was being taxed compared to other people. He is yet to get over this and most likely never will!

3. Following this we had Map Reading lectures for the pretty much most of the week which was good as one of the key skills a Royal Marine Commando requires is map reading. We went through the basics all the way through to star gazing. Most people got the hang of things and are able to read maps, find bearings, use 8 figure grid references as well as use a compass and protractors.

4. On Wednesday we had a 5 mile run which was hoofing for most of us apart from giraffe legs (Rct Medhurst) who was hanging out at the back, but had the determination to finish the run and not get in the Wagon.

5. Thursday was a good day, the day consisted of us being down on the 25m ranges all day shooting in the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions. Rct Dewar says he is the sniper of the Troop which is understandable with his scores as they were one of the best in the Troop.

6. It has been a quality week for everyone and the best bit is we’re all one step closer to our end target. 6 week down, 26 to go…

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