191 Troop Week 5

After a laid back weekend enjoyed by all recruits of 191 Troop week five had approached rapidly, bringing with it a whole host of new challenges yet to be solved but made all the more easier with the reward of families day at the end of the week.

Monday morning and what better way to start the week off than with a nice little 4 mile run loaded with sprints and fireman’s carries, some well and some not so well. After completing the run the session was topped off with some good old pull ups. Of course it was Recruit Wilson on top form repeatedly bashing them out well after others had perished.

Straight into exercise on Monday after the run, the whole Troop was egger to crack on with the new tasks in hand. Cam and concealment was a particular favourite with some lads going well overboard with their base coats resulting in figures that looked more like hulk.

After setting up our harbour and going over various classes it was inevitable that the troop would make the mistake of becoming complacent and ‘Civvy slow!’ This ignited the training team into a frenzy who thoughtfully rewarded the troop by getting us all over to the team locations to explain the importance of working hard in everything we do. The terrain was unforgiving and ‘Peters Pool’ reduced our man hoods further than any of us imagined possible!

The exercise was going well until our first Negligent Discharge and luckily the only one of the exercise. Another day of lectures in the field followed with the Troop taking in the information in well. Unfortunately the second and last night of the exercise changed drastically with two of the troop being found asleep on sentry and one unfortunate recruit losing his rifle to the hands of the preying Corporals. Unaware of any of the unfolding drama the Troop was woken and had to re-occupy the position.

After the chaos of the night before we had our final kit muster in the morning which I thankfully passed along with 80% of my section. Happy Days! Later the troop packed the truck and set out on our 4 miler mini yomp back to camp. Thankfully no dramas there at all. The rest of the week flew by and before we knew it was family’s day. We kicked off the day with a parade in front of our families, some of us fumbling some of the drill but still feeling awesome in our new Half Lovats!

On to the gym and the troop performed our routine to our astonished family, their mouths wide open as we climbed the ropes at a good speed. The Troop personally thought that we gave it our all and smashed it. How wrong we were!…. Stand by.
Before we knew it we were running round the camp circuit and straight into the press up position for some added pain. We were promised yet more repercussions for our shabby performance in the gym and we informed that we would stand by!

The weekend concluded with many of the Troop heading home to spend some time with their families and a chance to rest. Absolutely Hoofin week!


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