189 Troop Week 3

189 Troop diary
Week 3

After a long stressful two weeks of being in the foundation block and transferring from civvy life to military.189 troop were finally going up the ladder of the Royal Marines training programme, not far but its still a step up. We finally passed our inspections and reached the standard for cleaning the accommodation. We were all relieved and excited for moving into the new grots! But also some nerves in there for what’s to come! Week 3 day one started with a good intensive PT session which was definitely a step up compared to weeks one and two we also started rope climbs which I think a lot of people were dreading. But once you get the technique it becomes second nature. The troop started on just a quarter up the ropes just to get the technique then moving on to half way. And lastly reaching the top of the ropes! Fearing the fall from the top! And that’s not all the troop feared of the ropes it was also the make safe but that’s a few weeks away! Our PT session consists of a lot of circuits including press-ups, sit-ups and lots of exercises on the beam. Seeing the demo for knees to beam looked difficult considering I’ve never done it before but once I tried it, it’s easy to get the technique. Everyone noticed the increase in intensity throughout the troop. Drill also putting our minds to the test with more and more movements to remember. Such as slow marching which sounds easy but a lot of the troop struggling to get the timings then there’s doing the turns for the drills also which was also proven to be harder then it looks. Even the ‘salute’ is harder than it looks; the hand has to be perfectly straight with thumb tucked away and also getting the timings right again. This week we were finally handed our own individual rifle. We started to learn drills, preparing us for the firing range in future weeks to come. During weapons training lectures there’s always recruits from each section in our troop making strange animal noises or exercises such as bear crawl, bunny hops and other various exercises usually due to nodding off in lectures. The week ended on the Saturday with yet another PT session in which we managed to impress our PTI and ended with an enjoyable swimming session where we played volley ball against each other in our sections. our normal swimming sessions usually include a lot of swimming length to length and combined with swimming one length of the pool while holding your breath under water for the whole width and having a 20 second break kicking the legs and holding on to the side of the pool. All in all a very good week for the Troop! The weeks are flying by! Bring on week 4.


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