186 Troop Week 8

186 Troop Diaries

Week 8

Week 8 was met with great enthusiasm from the troop. Having returned from Normandy we felt a renewed sense of motivation for the week ahead and for what it held in store for us. The week began with a lesson on drill followed by a booted run and lectures. The following days would see the troop perform well on the local roads, breaking in our boots, one mile at a time. There was great anticipation for the Commanding Officer’s inspection, which are a serious test for us progressing, successfully, as a troop into week 8. It represented the collective effort of the troop and also our ability to meet the required standards efficiently. The troop performed very well on these rounds earning much praise as it showed that our troop had learnt from the training team and also had the ability to put it into practice effectively. Following the inspection we moved onto Interval Drill Pass Out which we passed well – the troop could breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Thursday saw 186 Troop deploy to Woodbury Common for a days survival exercise. It was instructed by the Mountain Leaders, the MLs. The day consisted of lectures and demonstrations on setting snares for animals – the focal point being about how we would adapt these lessons to a real life survival situation. Various topics were learnt on this day which the Troop enjoyed immensely as it highlighted the challenge ahead for Week 10 Hunters Moon – something we are all looking forward to. The following day the troop deployed off camp again, but this time we worked on our navigational skills at a map stance that further improved our field craft skills.

At the end of the week the Troop conducted our first lesson in arms drill. We all found this surprisingly harder than we had initially thought, but it was still a boost for motivation and morale as we are learning new skills. 186 Troop finished the week well, and are all now looking forwards to week 9 gym pass out – we all aim to do our very best in this.


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