180 Troop Week 20

180 Troop Diary

Week 20

Week 20 provided plenty of opportunities for the Troop to be tested both physically and mentally. It started off with a Bottom Field Pass Out straight away. The Troop was fresh, hydrated and ready to smash this test. When the time came the majority of the Troop passed, however there were a few who fell short. Those who struggled had 2 more chances during the course of the week. The next day, nerves were running high as the lads knew they had to pass a criteria test. Two more lads passed it on the second attempt but still a few left it until last chance saloon on the Thursday. By the end of the week, we only lost a single member of the Troop which was sad, as he had been with us from the start; he was an ‘Original’.

Later on in the week some of the lads got to take part in a Royal Marines Close Combat (unarmed combat) session, which involved some of the recruits going head to head with the PTI’s. All the lads who were involved found this thoroughly enjoyable.

At the same time the rest of the Troop had an equally hard time taking their English writing and reading exam. Everyone was mentally exhausted, and the week wasn’t getting any easier. The Troop had their final written exam on CBRN the next day however this wasn’t too much of a problem.

We finished off the week with some sport which was a welcome relief to Bottom Field phys sessions. The winners had drinks bought for them on the Friday Troop night out. It was good to see the new lads in the Troop come out with us and get some bonding time. The troop is in high spirits and is now looking forward to a week of Close Quarter Battle- fighting in built up areas.


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