186 Troop Week 5

On Monday of week five we took part in Exercise Quick Cover – it was three days long. We had numerous lectures on cam and concealment on Woodbury Common. We also had a lecture on the Seven Ss – these are seven stages of concealment and consist of Shape, Shine, Shadow, Sudden movements, Signature, Silhouette and Spacing. We learnt about the basics of map reading and how to convert degrees into mils – there are 17.4 mils in a degree; 360 degrees in a circle so 6400 mils!

On the second day we learnt about judging distances and interestingly took part in a practical that demonstrated how many strides it would take to cover 100 metres. Following this we were issued with blank ammunition and completed the close quarter combat lane with pop up targets in different locations – this tested our snap shooting abilities. This was most enjoyable as we had to put our lessons on fire and manoeuvre into action. We were also taught various fire positions and techniques to manoeuvre over ground stealthily.

On the third and final day we packed away all our equipment and prepared to march off. Notably Quick Cover was the Troop Sergeant’s last exercise with 186 Troop, so he led the four mile march back to camp. On the return to camp we began de servicing our kit and also had a kit muster – the purpose of which was to check for any loose, forgotten, ammunition hiding in the nooks and crannies of our equipment. When we returned to the grots we had to clean our rifles and eat some scran and do our post exercise admin before Families’ Day.

On Thursday we had an IMF session – this was a run through for Families’ Day on Friday. After this we had a drill session which was also a run through for Friday.

Friday was Families’ Day and everyone very excited and apprehensive because we hadn’t seen our families for five weeks. They watched our drill and IMF session and they seemed very impressed – they then followed us to the galley for scran and had a tour of our grots. We then eagerly set off home for a well-earned rest in preparation for the ensuing weeks


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