186 Troop Week 2

186 Troop Diary

Week 2


As the first day of the second week of training began, it was safe to say I was really looking forward to the events of the next 7 days. We spent the day packing our Bergens and adjusting our webbing so that we would be completely prepared for the following day, when we would begin Ex Early Night, our first exercise as a troop. We all finally felt that we were moving on through training, instead of becoming far too acquainted with our ironing boards. We had a little bit of PT throughout the day, but it was mainly admin.


Tuesday was quite a day – One of my most memorable so far. We were going to attempt Ex Early Night, one night living in field conditions. Sure, it was only on the bottom field less than five minutes away, but I was buzzing all the same. We made some final preparations before the action started, mid-afternoon, which included my all-time favourite; we went to the armoury. Honestly, my jaw dropped like a kid in a sweet store. The amount of weapons and field equipment was astonishing. We had a little bit of weapons drill afterwards.

Ex Early Night:

We stumbled towards bottom field with a failed attempt of an orderly fashion. Bergens, webbing and SA80-A2’s, we were practically waddling to our destination. We must have been quite a sight. We were taught how to set up our ponchos (A-frame), a patrol harbour and sentry duties. Not to mention the glorious wet and dry routine. That was something else.


After a night of long hauled sentry and very little sleep, we returned back to the foundation block after a kit muster and some scran. The day wasn’t particularly eventful after that, it was just admin, cleaning kit and so on.


We had a day pretty straight forward on Thursday. We had some more weapons drill, where we learnt how to strip and reassemble a weapon, and had plenty of admin to do afterwards. I can’t wait until we start firing these things.


Inspection day. We had our DL and our Colour Sergeant come around and inspect our lockers and accommodation. Honestly? We didn’t do very well, me included. They were not happy. And we definitely paid for it. We had a LOT of admin to do on Friday, seeing as we were told to throw all our clothes into a pile and mix it all up – it turned into quite a mess. Now, trying to find your stone shirt amongst piles upon piles of other stone shirts takes up a fair amount of time. That was when we started to realise we needed a right boot up the rear. That afternoon, luckily, we moved out of the foundation block into our new accommodation. I was pretty pleased with this, as the new block seemed far more ‘homely’ than a room full of 30 men.


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