186 Troop Week 1

Troop diary: Week 1 Troop: 186

Day 1: Arrival 12/05/14

The journey from Exeter St David’s to CTCRM, was the longest half an hour train journey I’ve ever sat on. Barely anyone spoke, then the inevitable words came over the tannoy “Arriving at Lympstone Commando.” Settling into foundation block was a severe shock to the system- every single lad struggled to adjust to military timings.

Day 2: Tuesday 13/05/14

First morning up at 0500 which many lads had never seen sober before. Quick shower, shave and clean teeth before heading off to scran. Our Drill Leader, Corporal McCabe presented himself immediately along with Colour Sergeant Flintoff and we had several lectures, the Attestation and finally a brief introduction to our training team and presentstion. After another quick scran we had our Royal Marines Fitness Assessment with Corporal Jolly, an introduction into the gymnasium and what is to be expected of us, over the coming months. When day 2 finished, a long night of admin began.

Day 3: Wednesday 14//05/14

Another early start along with the morning routine. It’s starting to sink in where we are and the world we are beginning to join. Being a small troop of 30 we’re bonding and making friends far quicker and having to pull together as there is nowhere to hide from the eagle eyed Corporal McCabe. Being a small troop we had lads coming from all over, all here for the same reason, the ‘Green lid’ and we’ve all figured out helping each other is far quicker than competing. (Also saved on press-ups). At this point the learning curve is exponential and is starting to tell with the phys and quality of admin we have to crack out. Another late one.

Day 4: Thursday 15/05/14

Today day was a hard day. The day started as per usual with a good clear up of ourselves and our accommodation. It continued with 3 phys sessions: 3 mile run, learning the ropes and a gruelling swim. We had a semi relaxed evening to start our admin, but sadly a few lads were too long at 9 o’clockers (our 4th meal of the day), which brought out the wrath of the Corporal.

Day 5; Friday 16/05/14

Friday morning started off as per. After scran we had two lectures; one lecture about pay and the other on insurance where Recruitt Atkinson asked some odd questions eg ‘How much do it have to pay per month to have life insurance up to 1 million’ the response was as it should, stupid questions get stupid answers. The afternoon consisted of lots of bending and stretching (press ups) due to a lack of preparation and general lazy attitude. We’re starting to pull together even more as nobody wants to leave and no one passes out on their own. Saturday morning is our first drill session and nerves are running high. Everyone is looking forward to a few relaxed hours of downtime over Saturday and Sunday, let’s hope we earn it!


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