184 Troop Week 4

184 Troop

Week 4

This week the troop were dispatched into the field via coach – our first time out on Woodbury Common for exercise First Step; a full 24 hours in the field. This was our first proper attempt at a tactical harbour and administering ourselves in the field. We had lectures on both these subjects prior to giving them a go as a Troop, in our respective sections. In general everyone performed well, though some of us were poorly disciplined in the harbour at night and failed to comply with either the light discipline and/or stowing our kit away when going on Sentry duty, a mishap easily uncovered by our Section Corporals. The following morning was to be our first full Kit Muster, so nerves were beginning to show throughout the morning routine of cleaning ourselves, packing our kit, and moving to the kit muster area, as we all wanted to pass. On this first outing, most of us did not quite hit the standard required and this was mainly down to lack of time appreciation; leaving the harbour too late. After packing all the team stores away and loading our bergens, 184 Troop was about to experience its first yomp back from Woodbury, a fast paced 4 mile speed march back to camp before beginning the deservicing of our kit and weapons, and getting some well needed scran down our necks.

Week 4 also saw the Troop get in some final practice at the weapon stances for our Weapons Handling Tests. We fully ran through the test a few times each with our Section Corporals so we knew what would be coming, and could deal with any snags beforehand. All of 184 Troop successfully passed.

Everyone was fairly drained by the time the end of the week rolled around, but we had one major thing to keep us going – moving out of Foundation after an extra two weeks there, into our newly decorated accommodation, and then home for Easter leave. Everyone’s belongings were moved in just 2-3 runs, leaving the Foundation block empty once again and ready for a final clean. Next came the hard part, but with two weeks off within touching distance everyone was prepared for a long night of squaring their kit away into the new grots, ready for a final inspection in the morning.

For those that slept reveille was at 0500, and so began the final morning routine. With the promise of Easter leave soon after final inspections, the lads all cracked on with a thorough clean of the accommodation and rooms. 184 finally got to leave camp a drained, but very excited Troop.

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