177 Troop Week 24

177 Troop Diary Week 24

Week 24 was another demanding week of training, the week consisted mainly of physical and weapon training.

We were introduced to the Minimi Light Machine Gun (LMG) which we learnt to use, clean, strip and assemble as sections. Many hours were spent practising the drills until they were second nature. All of these drills will be put into practice next week when we conduct the live shoot at CTCRM.

The other main focus of the week was the physical activity – a short 6 mile booted run on Monday was followed by our introduction to the Endurance Course and the Tarzan Assault Course, two of the Commando Tests which we will have to pass at the end of training.

Our first run through of the Endurance Course went well, we completed it in clean fatigue (no equipment) all with good times. Following this run through we went again, this time as Sections in a timed competition, which 2 Section won, the whole Section finished in a good strong time, the other Sections of course were not far behind.

The first taster of the Tarzan Assault Course was of the Commando Slide and the 30 ft wall. The first run through again was in clean fatigue before a second run with full webbing kit weighing 21 lbs. The Commando Slide was very exciting, first you must scale the 60 ft tower to the rope, then grip the rope and launch yourself, slide to the bottom, drop off and sprint to the next obstacle as fast as you can. The 30 ft wall was difficult, the technique of climbing was simple but doing it after the rest of the course makes it very tiring indeed.

The final main event of the week was the12 Mile Load Carry criteria test which we all had to pass in under 4 hours, carrying 69 lbs of equipment in our bergans and webbing plus our rifle. It was an early start crossing the line to begin the test at 7:00 am, the weather was humid but luckily it was also raining which helped us along the way. All members of the troop were very strong and not one person had any problems with the test at any time, hard work but we did well as a troop, finishing the test well within the allotted time we all passed.

All in all another good week of training which means we are yet another small step closer to gaining our green berets – only 8 weeks to go!

Recruit Clement


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