183 Troop Week 8

183 Troop’s week 8 was a busy one, with Company Commander’s rounds and Interval Drill Pass Out.

Day 1. Monday morning consisted of revision for Interval Drill Pass Out. After Drill, the troop then went on to do their first booted BFT (Basic Fitness Test), which was 1.5 miles to be completed in under 10 minutes 30 seconds. This was achieved with all ranks finishing in less than 9 minutes 30 seconds. We then moved on to map reading with the Troop Commander, where we learnt about fixing positions.

Day 2. Tuesday morning we went straight in to RM Close Combat training where we revisited chokes and holds such as the ‘gooseneck’ and the ‘Ulna’. Upon completing this session we moved on to a map reading lecture where we revised ‘re-sections’ (how to find your own location from prominent points around you). Tuesday evening was mostly spent preparing for Company Commander’s rounds the following morning. The whole troop came together and started to delegate cleaning tasks and working together.

Day 3. Wednesday was a big day for 183 Troop. It began with Company Commander’s rounds, where Maj Kestle RM inspected the troop’s lockers, kit and also how we presented ourselves. After the Company Commander had been around and inspected everyone, the detail was passed around that 183 Troop had passed. With morale high, the troop moved on to its next detail which was a Basic Swimming Test. Wednesday ended with the troop conducting Interval Drill Pass Out – a criteria test which all ranks passed.

Day 4. Thursday was an exciting day for the troop because it was the first time they would meet the Mountain Leaders and begin their survival training. After a short lecture, we collected our kit and headed to Stallcombe Wood, Woodbury Common, to meet the MLs. They took us for a short jog down to the stances where, by the end of the day, we had learnt how to build shelters, create fires, collect clean water and place traps in a survival situation.

Day 5. Friday started with RM history and IMF in the gym, where we practiced our positions ahead of Gym Pass out in week 9. After IMF we collected our daysacks and headed for a coach which would take us to Woodbury Common for a day navigation exercise. This began with us practicing our static map reading skills, before we set off around the Common in pairs, aiming to complete the route in less than two hours. Once everyone had finished, we dropped off our kit and had a troop run back to camp, which ended the week on a high.


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