177 Troop Week 22 & 23

177 Tp Diary Weeks 22 & 23

During Week 22 of training 177 Tp had their Adventurous Training package for the first 3 days and then moved on to the 6-day field exercise “Violent Entry.” On Monday we set off to RMB Chivenor for the AT activities which included mountain biking, kayaking and coasteering. The Troop enjoyed these days as we were able to spend some time away from CTCRM for a change. The coasteering was the most challenging and enjoyed most by the Troop.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent preparing for exercise Violent Entry; on this exercise we would be carrying more equipment than previously, such as night sights and GPMGs. We had an Orders Group meeting prior to deploying from the Tp Comd telling us what to expect.

On arrival at Sennybridge Training Area we yomped through the night to a troop harbour location where recce patrols could be done. The next day after our orders for a deliberate attack, we attacked and took Celieni village using the MUC tactics we had been taught. We spent the next two nights defending the village with vehicle checkpoints and barricades. We conducted regular patrols to let the enemy know we were a strong force. There was very little sleep during this part of the exercise due to the training team trying to attack and take back our occupied buildings.

We pooled our kit and set off to find and destroy the enemy who were located in woodblocks; 1 section led the way and we were engaged, with our tactical skills coming more regular to us we were able to destroy the enemy. One evening saw the troop man trenches which included night sentry between 4 men. It was a squeeze but a good experience. We were given detail to make way to a new village and once more, a few hours later we arrived at our harbour, carried out our usual recce patrols and laid out model pits for an attack on the village.

The troop commander gave us our orders and we were ready to go. The attack was a great success and experience and gave us a good insight into what we could be doing in aunit once we pass out.

The exercise finished on Wednesday evening and after much de-servicing and re-servicing of equipment we finally got away on a much needed long weekend on Thursday afternoon.


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