182 Troop Week 9

182 TP DIARY – WEEK 09

Back on camp after 2 weeks Easter leave, the first significant amount of time off we had been given since starting at CTC caused everybody to suffer from the ‘lympstone blues’. What better way to get back into the swing of things than with our first BFT in boots first thing on Monday morning, proving that some lads enjoyed Easter more than others!

Week 9 was to be a marginally easier week due to the fact we had completed gym pass out a week early with the Troop achieving a distinction. Most of the week comprised of navigation training in order to prepare us for the upcoming Ex HUNTER’S MOON on Dartmoor. We also did first aid training, both civilian and battlefield which ended with practical and theory tests in which the majority of the troop performed well.

Due to the early completion of Gym pass out, we also had our first introduction to Bottom Field, which everybody seemed to enjoy. Morale was lifted further during the end of the week with 2 double periods of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) where he could vent some frustration by throwing each other about a bit. We also had an introduction to arms drill which highlighted the need for some of the troop to learn their left from right.

The week ended with a church service on Sunday morning as we all prepared to deploy on the infamous HUNTER’S MOON.


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