178 Troop Week 19

Unfortunately week 19 coincided with a return from two weeks Easter Leave, and on arrival back to camp on the Sunday Evening the Troop was looking rather blue. There was an even more nervy start to the week as the Troop’s first detail on return to CTC was a mock Bottom Field Passout programmed in for the Monday morning. It quickly became evident which members of the Troop had been training over Easter Leave and which had had a little too much fun!

It was apparent on completion that there was a lot of work to be done prior to next week’s Bottom Field Passout, and the PTIs soon introduced 178 to the concept of ‘Crash Week’, consisting of 4 days of increasingly dire Bottom Field circuits to build cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Failure to apply the requisite effort saw remedial physical being doled out, to ‘motivate’ the Troop.

When not on the Bottom Field, 178 Troop found ourselves in the stances being introduced to and trained up on the [] General Purpose Machine Gun- the GPMG. This proved [] more difficult for some members of 178 (who shall remain nameless) who at one point attempted to load ammunition in to the weapon system not only upside down, but back-to-front[] as well! Most of the Troop enjoyed the experience however, which culminated in an opportunity to live fire ‘The Gun’ on the range at the end of the week.


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