177 Troop Week 21

177 Troop Week 21

Week 21 started with Modernised Urban Combat (MUC) training in the MUC compound in CTCRM. This is where we learnt the basics of MUC, eg: how to group together in a “stack” formation and the basics of room entry against an enemy.

As we became more advanced, we began to learn new formations, how to clear rooms with multiple doors, how to approach and clear other objects such as corridors and how to clear multiple rooms.

After conducting many run-throughs in different buildings; all with differing obstacles to clear, the Troop was informed that we would need to pack our bergans and field kit as we would be moving out on a surprise exercise which nobody knew anything about (which the Troop was glad to hear); usually Troops at this stage deploy to Norton Manor Camp (home of 40 Commando in Taunton) for a day’s MUC training in their compound, but for some reason this was not available this week.

On Wednesday, we deployed on exercise Urban Warrior in Caerwent, south Wales. For thgis exercise we lived under the hard cover of old brick buildings, rather than tents. We had 4 sangars (sentry positions) to man, with 2 sentries on each post at all times.

On exercise Urban Warrior we used blank ammunition to begin our practices but moved on to using “simmunition” which is ammunition similar to paintballs but which hurt a lot more if you are hit at any time.

After practicing numerous times with simmunition using wooden targets, we moved on to engaging real live enemy who were also firing back at us, all extremely good and realistic training.

The exercise finished with the Troop carrying out a final attack on a number of buildings after having conducted section recce patrols the previous night. Each section had different and specific tasks in the attack, all, of course, were successful; this brought the exercise to a close apart from the final move out.

We finished off by marching out of the area carrying our field kit complete, an eight-mile load carry to transport, great way to finish a week’s training! Everyone cracked the load-carry without any problems.

A really great week’s training.


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