172 Troop Week 30

Troop Diary Week 30.
A big week in recruit training. All physical training so far has led to this week of tests. Nerves in the Troop were high, mixed with excitement as we all knew that if we worked hard we would earn our green beret.
For myself, I just took the tests one at a time trying to focus on each one individually. We started with the endurance course, which for me was the test that I was most apprehensive about. With 73 minutes to complete the course followed by a shoot, my main concern was keeping my rifle good to fire. Some of the tunnels were full of muddy water so this was hard. Luckily I managed it and got 10/10 in the shoot in a time of 65 minutes.
The 9 mile speed march was our next hurdle in the Commando tests. For me this was a test I knew I could do, I enjoy the speed marches. It’s just a case of keeping the pace. Making sure gaps don’t form and staying as a body of men. We all managed to complete this test. Getting drummed back in to camp was a good way to finish. I got a sense of pride and felt like I was on the cusp of doing something great.
The Tarzan assault course. 13 minutes of giving everything you have to get around the course in under the time. I enjoy the Tarzan assault course, but there are many places you can easily lose time. So you have to concentrate the whole way round. Conditions weren’t great on the day. It was raining, making the ropes harder to negotiate. I was sick by the end of the course, but happy with my performance.
The 30 miler. The final Commando test. A big day in all our lives. We had an early start with the first syndicate stepping off at 0400 hrs. 30 miles across Dartmoor, the nerves were high but this was the final test. In 8 hours from the start we would be receiving our green berets. It was a long day, however each checkpoint signalled a point closer to the finish. Crossing the bridge at the end with everyone clapping us across the finish line was a great moment. Being presented our green berets was a proud moment and one to remember for ever…………..


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