182 Troop Week 4


This week of recruit training has been a challenge to say the least, but it has been informative and enjoyable.

The Troop experienced our first night in the field on Ex FIRST STEP which was very interesting as we were introduced to a variety of new lessons that we would then have to put into practice that night such as duties of a sentry, cooking the 24 hour ration packs and a humorous demonstration on how to maintain hygiene in the field. In the morning we had a kit muster to allow the training team to observe how well we could administer ourselves under field conditions which, to my relief, I passed. We then had a 4 mile march back to camp which we were told is the easiest thing we’ll do in training, this makes me wonder what else the training team have in store for us.

We then moved on to more weapons training which has been the highlight of training for me. We were taught to strip and clean the SA80 and the week finished with the Troop passing the Weapon Handling Tests.

On Wednesday we had a decent lecture from one of our Corporals about life in the Corps after training which served as a good motivational kick for many. A lot of the lads have been talking about what they would like to do after training and what they would like to progress on to.

Finally we got to witness a proud moment in the form of the King’s Squad passing out parade which gave us all an image of what we are all trying to achieve and what we are aspiring to. All in all, a great week!


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