182 Troop Week 3


Having moved into the Troop’s new accommodation over the weekend, the week started with a room and locker inspection. Those in possession of items not up to standard were quickly made aware of this fact. As a result of this three further inspections were carried out through the week and will continue until the whole Troop can meet the required standard.

The steep learning curve for the training of 182 Troop continued in our third week with more intense physical training. Mistakes in the gym never go unnoticed and the tolerance for them decreases daily as expectations for the Troop increase. The phrase “one in all in” definitely applies to the Troop at this stage of training.

Week 3 included a large amount of weapons training, preparing us for our upcoming weapon handling tests. These sessions are widely enjoyed by the Troop as in the foundations of our training, it is one of the few sessions that makes us feel we are getting that bit closer to becoming Royal Marines Commandos.

This week finished on a Saturday with a morning Drill session. Drill has been going well so far for the Troop and as with all aspects of our training, when we perform well the training team will help make our experience more pleasant. This is one of the reasons for us to put 100% effort into everything we do. We were given the chance to unwind with our longest shore leave yet and a detail free Sunday before preparing ourselves for what will inevitably be another busy week ahead.


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