182 Troop Week 2


Week Two saw the pace of life continue at 100 miles per hour, much like Week One. However, this week had two highlights; our first night in field conditions on Exercise EARLY NIGHT and our foundation pass out inspection, to demonstrate we could administrate ourselves to the correct standard.

Ex EARLY NIGHT began on Tuesday afternoon with us being taught how to erect a poncho, although some of our efforts failed to mirror those of the instructors. Any mistakes were quickly rectified under the watchful eyes and excellent mentoring of the section Corporals. After ensuring our ponchos wouldn’t collapse, we were marched over to the regain tank to receive our wet and dry lecture, the primary training objective of the exercise. The Troop Commander, stood on the edge of the tank, proceeded to jump in and then demonstrate the wet and dry routine. This sounds easy but getting changed out of wet clothes whilst under a poncho is surprisingly challenging. Witnessing the Troop Commander going in the tank could only mean one thing; it was our turn next. It was refreshing to say the least! It was amusing listening to members of the Troop trying to report whilst the effects of the cold water took their breath away but my amusement was short lived as I soon realised the difficulties of this particular task. It showed us the calibre of Officer the Corps has, as our Troop Commander jumped in quite happily, so it appeared and showed us how to do it, leading by example. After we were soaked, we were quickly marched back to our ponchos to conduct wet and dry routine. The prospect of leaving a warm sleeping bag and putting on wet clothes is always appealing at 0400!

Once EARLY NIGHT was complete, it was time to concentrate on the foundation pass out inspection. After several long days folding and ironing, and folding some more, with some PT thrown in for good measure it was time for our inspection. Fortunately all of our efforts paid off and we all passed the inspection, much to our surprise. That’s not to say it was easy as the standards here are exacting.

The days have been long and we are kept constantly busy but it has been enjoyable. This week has been made easier as our Troop begins to bond well and we are all looking forward to the coming weeks.


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