182 Troop Diary- Week 1

Week one of Recruit Training has to have been one of the most demanding weeks I have experienced so far and yet the most dangerous thing I have been trained to use has been an iron.

Week one has been spent beginning the transition from a group of civilians into a body of men prepared to receive military instruction. After arriving at CTC on the Monday, the whole troop was attested by the Company Commander and we all swore our allegiance to the Queen. The next few days passed in a blur with seemingly enormous amounts of kit being issued, initial physical assessments, numerous briefs and admin serials and introductions to Initial Military Fitness (IMF) and Drill.

There is no time to relax as there is simply so much to learn and take on board instantly; from making your bed in a certain way, to marching in step, to making sure all of your kit and uniform is immaculate. Every minute of the day has been indispensable, and for me, coming from a slightly more relaxed lifestyle, the transition has been exceptionally challenging. The most important thing to me has been the support of all the other men who have volunteered to put themselves through this. Being able to laugh about the blur which has been training so far has made me realise that this ultimate physical and mental challenge is achievable.

So yes week one has been tough and the learning curve steep. However, I am still adamant I am earning my green lid regardless of how tired, drained and wet I get through the rest of training. Bring on week two.


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