181 Troop Week 6


1. We began this week refreshed following our first weekend at home since joining. This was another week developing our individual skills on camp. The focus of this week was learning marksmanship and how to navigate by map reading. The week also included first-aid training and continued physical progression in the gym.

2. The first-aid training was very interactive – learning a technique such as CPR or the recovery position before applying the technique practically to each other. The first-aid syllabus will continue throughout training and progress from the basics into traumatic combat casualties and dealing with illnesses such as hypothermia.

3. Week six featured one of the most widely anticipated serials of training to date: our first rifle shoot. We spent Wednesday on the range, practicing the application of marksmanship principles that we have been learning in a variety of positions. We also learned how to adjust our sights and zero our rifles. We worked through the day to refine our group sizes and accuracy. This was a particularly enjoyable day of training.

4. Map reading began this week – one of the most technically challenging elements of professional soldiering. Accurate, confident navigation is a matter of great professional pride for a commando, so the Troop were very keen to learn and refine this skill as efficiently as possible. We began with lectures and video lessons before working at practical challenges to consolidate the learning. We were then given overnight work to revise before being taken on a static map stance to practise applying the skills and refining them. This helped us to relate how the map represents features and how they actually correspond to the ground. We’re now also confident with using apparatus such as compasses and protractors to help us orientate ourselves.


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