180 Troop Week 9

180 Troop Chronicles

Week 9

Another week on camp making progress with map reading skills, continuation of arms drill and Corps History to name but a few. However, the main aspect of training on our agenda was phys! The week kicked off with a booted Battle Fitness Test (BFT), consisting of a 1.5 mile run out as a Troop, then a 1.5 mile run back to camp at best effort! Many of the lads were pulling out times 20-30 seconds quicker than their previous efforts in boots. Definitely a good start to a hard week of PT, happy days!

The next hurdle was the mid-week RMFA. Starting with the lung bursting bleep test followed immediately by maximum effort for press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. All recruits had done these fitness assessments on PRMC and in week 1 of training so there was plenty of pressure to to show the PTIs that we had improved. No major dramas here, with a few recruits highlighting themselves for potential PT Superior.

The culmination of our week of phys was on Friday with 180 Troop’s Gym Pass Out. A full hour and a half gym session putting together everything we had learnt in the gym during the last nine weeks. The simple requirements were perfect movements, strict discipline and to move at 100 mph. If we got it right we could wave goodbye to the Gymnasium, and move onto Bottom Field Sessions. Get it wrong and we wouldn’t be going anywhere.

The training team were watching from the balcony with the presence of the new Troop Go-Pro video camera just to add that little extra motivation. Ninety minutes later, with one recruit passing out and a few lads being sick, we were done. The intensity of the session was second to none and the troop as a whole was awarded a Superior Gym Pass Out grade. Rather than take a possibly, well deserved rest, we went straight into a two hour Close Quarter Combat evolution. Just in case our quadriceps weren’t torn to shreds enough already, the training team decided it would be an ideal time to hone our lower body strike techniques! With another good week of training behind us we spent the later half of Saturday using our shore leave wisely to celebrate birthdays and the preparing for the challenge of week 10, Ex HUNTER’S MOON! This will be our first chance to implement our recently learnt survival skills. With many Bear Grylls and Ray Mears wannabes amongst the troop, Sunday evening will be spent packing and repacking our survival tins. Armed with a flint, a condom, four tampons and three OXO cubes, I’m ready to conquer Dartmoor!


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