180 Troop Week 10

180 Troop Chronicles
Week 10
This week we had Ex HUNTER’S MOON, an exercise we had be warned about in week 1, day 1. It did not disappoint! As soon as we got off the coach the heavens opened and we were treated to a cheeky yomp through what at the time felt like hurricane conditions. I was so happy when we got changed into dry clothes. The next 2 days consisted of day and night navigations which I really enjoyed especially when Recruit Cannon fell into a bog up to his waste.
The survival phase was coming up next, which was something that we were really looking forward to. Luckily for us, the extraction yomp was done under slightly better conditions and we made good time. After a brief transit in the 4 tonne wagons (which are clearly not built for comfort!) we were ready for our insertion yomp. The insertion yomp is without a doubt one of the hardest things I have ever done, through bogs, up steep hills and over baby heads until I could no longer feel my legs. Finally after what seemed like hours, we arrived at the survival area. We then had all our kit taken off us and left with just a daily rig and a jacket. We then spent the night constructing our shelter and collecting fire wood. Getting into our shelter with a fire going was probably the biggest piece of morale ever. When we awoke the next day we could not believe that it was snowing. We did however have a very good day with the Mountain Leaders and the fish and chicken stews we had that night was among what seemed like the best scran that I have ever had. When we awoke on the last day and were told to dismantle our shelters, it seemed like demolishing our homes. We then completed the extraction yomp and made our way back home to Lympstone, CTCRM. Reading this you’ll probably think I hated the exercise, but I loved the challenge and really enjoyed pushing myself to the limit.
Now for Straightpoint and the Ranges!


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