178 Troop Week 13


Week 13 commenced with our first Bottom Field session which brought feelings of excitement and anticipation. It turned out to be a teach period, so brought relief for many of the Troop.

After our introduction to the assault course the rest of the day was filled with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) training. This consisted of walking into the room in our full CBRN suit, removing our respirators and exposing ourselves to CS Gas. It was, unsurprisingly, horrible!

On Tuesday we set off on Ex BAPTIST WALK, which was our last practise exercise in Phase 1 of training. It consisted of a Stalk, Static Navigation stance, Fire Control Orders, Observation and a night navigation exercise. On reflection, it was good fun, and more importantly, it gave us a valuable insight for Ex BAPTIST RUN next week.

On completion of the Exercise on Wednesday morning we conducted the 8 Mile Load Carry back to camp, had some quick scran, and began de-servicing our kit.

Thursday will be remembered as one of the more enjoyable days of training so far. It consisted of a drive up the line to Yeovelton for participation in Helicopter Underwater Escape Drills. ‘Dunker Drills’ as they are known, involve strapping yourself into a aircraft mock-up, with is then mechanically plunged into a pool of water, turned around a few times, and then trying to get all the occupants out before they drown. Needless to say, its was pretty good fun.

Friday started again with Bottom Field, and progressed up to the Grenade Range on Woodbury Common for live grenade throwing. It was just as fun as you would expect, and all the Troop managed to successfully throw their grenades safely, without anyone dropping one on themselves!


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