178 Troop Week 10


A difficult Exercise awaited 178 Troop as we prepared to move up to Dartmoor on Monday morning. The Exercise started with an insertion yomp onto the area, which wasn’t too bad, but the weather soon kicking in, make it more challenging than it needed to be. That evening we went out on a night navigation exercise with the Section Corporals, which with improved weather, was enjoyable and a real confidence booster. Back in the harbour area we cracked our admin and prepared a route card for the next day’s navigation.

The weather the next morning was howling, and made our morning administration a nightmare. The Troop cracked on, and attempted to lay an acceptable kit muster. After our inspection we went out again as Sections for a days navigation on the moor. I managed to fully submerse myself during a river crossing, and on return to the harbour area did the quickest change into warm clothing that I’ve ever done!

That night we broke down into fire teams for a second night nav serial without DS on the moor. The weather was not too bad again, and as no-one got lost, it wasn’t a particularly late night. The next day, after extracting from the harbour area, we were stripped of all our kit to begin the survival exercise. With an entire night to prepare, we had a decent shelter up and a fire going in fairly short order. 95% of the survival exercise was spent collecting fire wood, which kept our minds occupied and bodies warm(ish). The next day, we were instructed and practised killing and preparing a chicken and some fish. There were no feelings of sympathy, as I was starving and the little fella made quite a good stew! One more night and it was a quick yomp to the bus in what had been continuous sideways rain/snow/hail.

Overall, a pretty rewarding exercise, and having Saturday night and Sunday off was a real bonus.


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