171 Troop Week 28

Week 28 ‘Cheeky Week’

We started the week preparing our rifles for our Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course run throughs, cleaning them in the morning then zeroing them in the afternoon on the 25m range. We also had lectures on how the Commando Units run, a career advice lecture and an insight to the Under-slung Grenade Launcher (UGL). During our drill period we revised our arms drill movements to prepare ourselves for our fast approaching Kings Squad week. We managed to learn new moves, as well as how to combine these with the moves already learned to create a sequence. It proved to be a lot more difficult than it looks.

The first bit of phys was Close Quarter Combat (CQC), which was one of the best sessions we have done so far. The whole troop was really raring to test out the chokes on each other whilst enjoying it at the same time.

On Wednesday the troop did their first full run through of the Endurance Course, carrying the full 21lbs in our webbing and a rifle. This proved harder than it looks as a lot of the lads did not make it in the required time. Later that afternoon we had our final fitting of our Lovatts uniform.

The next day we had our next taster of a Commando test; the Tarzan Assault Course. Even though it is a lot shorter than the Endurance Course it proved to be just as challenging, as it has to be done at maximum effort.

The week finished with another full run through of the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course. Pleasingly the troop seemed to have improved on our first attempts, giving us all a good confidence boost.

Overall it was a tough week of phys, but that is what is required as we get closer and closer to our final test week.


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