180 Troop Week 4

Week 4 consisted of Ex FIRST STEP, our first night out in the field on Woodbury Common. It was a weird experience. For the most part the weather was on our side. During the night I managed to stay rather dry! I could hear the wind and rain outside my poncho minutes before my sentry was due to begin and as soon as the rain stopped I was woken for my turn on sentry. The morning on the other hand was a completely different story. We were all up early and getting our kit musters ready. After this the weather took a turn for the worst. As we conducted our daily exercises Cpl Buckley turned up and the heavens opened. The rain came down and the wind picked up giving up a proper wake up. After packing everything away we began our 4 mile walk back to camp. This, despite being cursed by the weather was really good. The worse part of the exercise was being back outside stores in the cold, slowly getting colder and trying to get my Bergen on my back without any feeling in my hands.
On an entirely different note was the gym session. All of us hanging on our last days somehow managed to make 3 full rope climbs. Plus a make-fast as well. The highlight of this session for me has to be Recruit Rigby. A quiet lad who keeps himself to himself managed to make his final climb after an epic struggle. He has always expressed problems with rope climbing but the fact that he never gave up until he reached the top was a spectacle to watch. It was a moment when watching that I couldn’t help but feel proud to be part of 180 Troop. Speaking to everyone else it seems everyone completely agrees.
To summarise this well, I would say that the Troop held their own in the physical side of things, doing everything asked of us. On the flip side our administration skills still need drastic changes. I feel we are getting better but we need to manage our time more efficiently.


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