178 Troop Week 5

Week 5

We returned from Christmas Leave on a Sunday afternoon. Upon arrival we were welcomed with our first detail- to prepare kit to deploy into the field the following day. Exercise Quick Cover was a good exercise on the whole. It was very technical and we all learnt a lot. The exercise began with the usual routine of unloading the wagons and putting up the team and stores tents. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal, and it rained most of the exercise, however if you don’t like getting wet you’re going to have a bad time.

Soon it was time to eat and everyone dived into their ration packs after a busy day, and began their night routine, including manning a sentry throughout the dark hours. The following day began with a helpful hail storm as the Troop began their morning routine, involving administrating yourself, your kit and your weapon. We conducted a kit muster for the training team to inspect our efforts, unsurprisingly given we had just returned from Christmas Leave the majority of the Troop, myself included, failed the inspection. During the day we had several lessons learning observation skills as well as camouflage and concealment. We also covered some basic aspects of Close Quarter Battle (CQB).

The next day, post inspection, we utilised some of the skills we had learnt the previous day to conduct our first blank firing CQB lane which was awesome. In the afternoon we conducted a 4 mile yomp back to camp carrying patrol order. We ended the week with Families Day, which gave our families a chance to get an insight into the Royal Marines and what Recruit Training entails.


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