175 Troop Week 15

This week at CTC consisted of a little bit of Phys, Sigs Training, CBRN, lectures as an introduction to Phase 2 and Drill, leading up to our first Drill inspection and Phase 1 pass out parade.

The week began with the Troop very excited but also nervous to move onwards out of Phase 1 and into Phase 2. Excited because this is a big milestone during training but also anxious to find out which of us had and hadn’t passed Exercise Baptist Run the previous week; who would be moving on with training and who would be getting re-trooped for some remedial training and to do the exercise again with a junior Troop. We came back from our CBRN lecture in the morning to find out the results; fortunately the majority of the Troop had passed. In a much better mood, we moved onto Bottom field to have a phys session which everybody found hard but very rewarding as we can see ourselves slowly getting to grips with the way bottom field works. Following this we had a Signals lecture where we were working with a more advance radio than the PRR. It was more complicated but everyone seemed to understand the lecture and we all took it in. During the week we had lectures that were to introduce us into the way we would be working in Phase 2. These consisted of the different types of patrols, tactical harbours and an insight into section level patrols which we will be putting into action during Exercise First Base next week. I speak for the whole Troop when I say that this was very interesting and we all enjoyed these lectures as we were able to look forward and we were getting the feeling that we were starting to begin proper soldiering.

On Wednesday we had Lectures on military law and about rules of engagement whilst on operations. This was a key lecture for us. We then proceeded to get ready for CBRN in which we would be exposed to CS Gas, however this time round we would be tested on our drills, so as long as we carried these out correctly we shouldn’t have felt the effects of the gas. Everybody passed this test so it was a good way to end the day. Onto Thursday, this was a day of firsts for us, Arms Drill in the morning, we were anxious because this was the first time we were doing this type of drill, but everybody wanted to do well so that we could pass our arms drill pass out first time and with a decent pass for the Troop. In the afternoon we had a lecture on Reconnaissance patrols and functional skills for those who needed to attend functional skills lectures.

Friday was a massive hangout with 3 and a half hours of drill first thing in the morning followed by functional skills. The best part about Friday and the week was that we were all let out for a long weekend in the afternoon and didn’t have to return to CTC until Sunday! Everyone was happy about that!


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