172 Troop Week 21

This week began on a high as everyone in the troop was pleased to have passed the bottom field pass out. The week began the same as any other on camp, getting up at five thirty, having breakfast and cleaning the accommodation. To start the week off we were with the assault engineers, both in the classroom and on their compound. We had a written test to pass and a promise of some free physical training if we didn’t. Their lessons were very interesting and fun, this week and got a positive response from every member of the Troop. We were taught how to break down doors and force an entry into a building, an extremely enjoyable lesson.
The week then progressed into the MUC package which was challenging but also very enjoyable. We were being shown how to clear rooms in the most robust way as possible, and also how to handle prisoners both compliant and non compliant in a professional manner. Once we were shown these skills, the realism of it all began to click in as we progressed onto simunition rounds, both on targets and from a live enemy.
This week we also got the chance to see an interesting presentation from the police on how they clear a building, so we could see the differences between their way and ours. The main difference being the dogs, which proved very effective in locating and taking down an enemy threat.
A day later we had an 8 mile load carry and an attack on the MUC compound straight after. The 8 mile load carry proved to be a struggle for some members of the Troop especially in poor weather conditions and some obstacles in the way, however despite this every member passed the load carry and got to enjoy the benefits of an attack on the compound afterwards.
All of the skills we had learned this week were then finally tested at the Mike Jones compound at Bovington. This was a mock up of a compound in Afghanistan. It proved a challenging place to take with multiple rooms and hazards, however 172 Troop performed very well, and cleared the complex several times, maintaining our professionalism throughout the attack.


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