171 Troop Week 24

Monday morning started with a 6 mile road run with the PTI and we were all trying to remember the route as this would be the same one we will be using for the 6 mile speed march. Once the run was complete we were showered and changed and straight into lesson 1 on the LMG (light machine gun).

On Tuesday everyone was looking forward to seeing what the Endurance Course had to offer. We were transported up to Woodbury Common and from there we conducted one run through with the PTI, then one run through with our section commanders. It was very important not only to go as fast as possible but to also remember the route. Once every section had completed the Endurance Course we then had to run 4 miles back to camp, through the treacherous ‘leafy lane.’

The Tarzan Course introduction was next and many people were excited for this one. We were taught how to use the ‘Commando’ rope slide correctly and then went onto the 30ft wall and were also shown how to correctly climb the wall. A large number of the Troop found these two obstacles difficult and now knew how difficult the Tarzan course would be on the day.

We started Friday with an early breakfast at 0530, before grabbing our bergan’s and webbing, boarding the transport and being taken out to our 12 mile load carry start point. Once we arrived we put our kit on and got started. There was a small break after 10 minutes just to check that everyone’s kit was fitting correctly, thankfully no one had any serious problems. We were marching at about 3mph pace and covering quite a challenging route, especially due to the amount of hills we had to go up and down. The Troop arrived back on camp just after 1200, relieved to have all passed this milestone. Soon after lunch we continued our LMG lessons, revising everything we had learnt throughout the week. This finished with the LMG weapons handling test which many people found very similar to the GPMG (general purpose machine gun), but there were a few differences and we had to concentrate not to get the two weapons drills confused. Once everyone had passed we returned the guns to the armoury and got briefed on what next week had in store.


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