170 Troop Week 25

Week 25 was an interesting week doing a number of different parts of training, ranging from fire fighting to shooting the LMG on the 25m range.

The week started off with a day in HMNB Devonport where we conducted familiarisation and training on landing craft and IRCs. Our training began with capsize drills where we had to demonstrate that we could right the IRC whilst in the water. We had to jump in the water and report to the instructor, demonstrating that we were not affected by the cold water. We then had to swim over to the IRC, get in it and then capsize it. We then had to carry out the drills we had previously been shown to get it the right way up safely.

Tuesday turned out to be an admin day concluding in a kit muster. That evening we transited to HMS Excellent. After arriving and having an opportunity to get our heads down, we started our sea survival training on Wednesday morning. We were shown how to wear the issued kit in the event of an emergency at sea and how to survive on a life raft for an extended period. Thursday we were shown the equipment normally supplied on ship and how to use it. We then practised the drills on fires started and controlled by the instructors. On completion we then returned back to Lympstone.

Friday we conducted an LMG introductory shoot on the 25m range located on camp. After firing the weapons we were shown how to clean them by the training team.


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