168 Troop Week 29

By far the best week of training so far, FFX 1 (live firing) builds us up for the more complex shoots of FFX 2. It did not disappoint.

The week started with a zero of our beloved SA80s before moving onto an introduction to UGLs (underslung grenade launcher) over a variety of distances to hone our sights. Following this, the main part of the week was proving ourselves as effective and safe riflemen. We started as individuals, moving on to fire team and section attacks.

Following each day we had a phys session to prepare us for the upcoming Commando Tests, consisting mainly of sprints and hill running.

The first week of field firing came to an end with a section attack using UGLs and smoke, bringing together everything we had done through the week. The final attack, lasting no longer than an hour, brought together the fire and manoeuvre skills taught over the baking summer on Woodbury Common with the shooting skills taught on Straight Point Ranges. All those skills are compiled into brief moments of intense fighting over the frosted moorland of Dartmoor.

This was the best week in training so far, for many reasons, but mainly the realisation that we have come so far and the end is within sight.


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