168 Troop Week 28

Named ‘Cheeky Week’ by recruits, week 28 prepares our bodies and minds for the Commando tests that are only 2 weeks away. With little to no sleep on Final Ex, which only finished on Monday, there were definitely some nodding heads at any moment that we weren’t moving.

The week is physically hard, with two run-throughs each of the Tarzan Assault and Endurance courses, and with good reason. The Commando tests will be a challenge even though we have been through such rigorous training; completing the four tests does require this period of crash training to condition our bodies.

The end result is lots of aches and soreness throughout the troop, as well as a sickening feeling of anxiety towards the tests. However, with the weekend to recover the troop is in high spirits to fly through field firing and complete the last four weeks of Commando training


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