172 Troop Week 20

Walking into the accommodation on Sunday night everyone seemed rather sedated. Maybe it was the result of a busy previous week or more than likely it was the result of the Troop having bottom field pass out on Monday morning.
After a more than usual early night everyone woke to the dreaded sound of the five thirty alarm clock. Once breakfast and the daily cleaning of accommodation had taken place, we would have a couple of hours before BPT pass out. The training team tried to raise our spirits by boasting how easy it was going to be, but there were a lot of anxious faces who clearly did not believe it.
After the lengthy warm up we soon found ourselves at the bottom of the thirty foot ropes for the first obstacle of the bottom field pass out. It was over in a flash and soon there would be the lung busting tests of the obstacle course in under five minutes followed by a two hundred metre fireman carry in ninety seconds. This was not easy as it was very wet and muddy around the course; it was especially difficult during the fireman’s carry. Many of the boys including myself were physically sick on completion, a sign of the effort required to finish in the time limits. The fourth and final test was quickly upon us. A regain over the tank relatively easy when fresh but after what our bodies had been through it was going to be another challenge. A few lads decided to take a dip in the tank, however for the majority of us it was finally over. Another tick in the box on our way through Royal Marine training.
If that wasn’t enough for the week we were introduced to the Royal Marines Assault Engineers, they were to teach us the art of using sand bags for building defences, but also managed to show us how good they were for doing extra PT and staying in shape.
To finish the week we had more tests in the form of CBRN. These tests were to ensure we had been paying attention over the previous weeks to the various lectures on chemical biological radiological and nuclear warfare. At least bottom field was done. That was until Saturday morning!


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