172 Troop Week 19

Crash week as its known and dreaded by all recruits as it is the week preceding Bottom Field Pass Out (BPT) and mostly consists of long bottom field sessions on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the Thursday. It is also the week where we learn all about the famous General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).
On Monday we had an easy start to the week just a couple of lectures in the morning and bottom field straight afterwards followed by more lectures in the afternoon. On Tuesday same detail, lectures followed by bottom field and then GPMG lessons in the weapon stances. By this point we had all started to feel the effects of physical training, we were all aching and dreading the next day. On Wednesday bottom field was first thing in the morning and we carried on with more GPMG down at the stances. Thursday was our last bottom field session before bottom field pass out on the following Monday. In the afternoon we all passed our GPMG handling test ready for live firing on the Friday.
By the end of the week we could all do NSP’s, strip and reassemble a GPMG, load, unload, make ready, make safe and we covered all of the stoppage drills. On Friday half the Troop went over to the 25 metre range for live firing while the others were put in isolation along with a hundred other recruits who went down with D&V.
BPT: All together a physically challenging, but a good week. On the bottom field we did the same circuit everyday just a little longer each time. It consisted of the first 8 obstacles of the assault course followed by a 100m fireman’s carry and half a rope climb, we were to do this as many times as possible in the time given, each day the circuit got a little longer. This helped us with endurance, but also gave us the techniques for crossing obstacles – it prepared us well for the forthcoming week ahead.


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