172 Troop Week 18

Week 18, 172 Troop deployed for exercise Second Empire. This was the Troop’s second Phase 2 exercise and despite the dreary weather reports of rain, rain and more rain for the week ahead the Troop left in high spirits eager to further develop our skills as potential Royal Marines.
The week started with a series of section level attacks on various enemy positions around the sand dunes of Braunton Burrows. Despite the physically demanding terrain, all of the four sections displayed good levels of enthusiasm and aggression to attack and take over the enemy positions. This proved to be an excellent learning experience for the Troop as a whole, allowing us to apply our tactical knowledge to each situation and engage the enemy when they appeared.
As the week progressed we moved into larger level Troop ambushes and attacks. Late on the Wednesday night 172 Troop conducted their first ambush on the unassuming enemy. We left our Troop harbour late into the night and moved quickly across the dunes to take up positions on a ridgeline above the enemy. The ambush was triggered smoothly with each individual putting down good rates of fire onto the position below. Job well done…we thought. When we returned to the Troop harbour the Corporals soon informed us of the amount of men who fell asleep as we waited to spring the ambush. The Troop then proceeded to rectify their errors with some remedial Fire and Manoeuvre around the sand dunes. Lesson learnt for next time!
As the week concluded we concluded the remainder of the exercise with a Troop level attack early on the Friday morning. We received Troop Comd’s orders and prepared for the upcoming evolution. 1 and 3 section were tasked with providing fire support for 2 section who were required to move towards and engage the enemy using all the new skills they had learnt over the last few days. 4 section were to wait in reserve and help out 2 section as required. At 7:15am the attack started with 2 section moving swiftly through the enemies’ positions. As the attack drew to a close 4 section stepped into finish off the enemy as 2 sections ammo state depleted. Overall the Troop performed well displaying good teamwork, communication and tactical understanding to complete our objectives. Morale was high as we started our 6 mile extraction yomp to the waiting transport back to camp. In typical fashion Recruit Addams led the way with the rest of the Troop following soon behind.
Once back on camp we started the process of de-servicing our kit ready for the week ahead.


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