172 Troop Week 17

This was the first week back after Christmas leave. I think the Troop found it strange coming back after Christmas, leaving our families behind. First thing Monday morning things were back to normal and the Troop was in high spirits. During the first couple of days of the week we had bottom field fitness, this was quite demanding for the Troop as one of the sessions was our first 3 hour session. Our weight also jumped up to 21 pounds adding to the experience and providing yet more challenges. Recruit McMullen thoughts after swimming under swinging bridge which was flooded, was why he didn’t join a summer troop.
Mid-week we moved to Bovington for Viking training. We started in the classroom with lectures on correct procedures and familiarisation of the vehicles and how the Vikings have been used in Operations around the world. We then moved on to the practical part of the evolution. This consisted of underwater breather drills using lifejackets and re-breather vests; it also involved negotiating an underwater rope course and completing correct procedures.
We then moved on to Viking drills, which involved embarking, and disembarking the Viking as per operational requirements. This was enjoyable for the whole Troop and we worked well together performing to good standard during these drills. Then came the moment when we had to swim the Vikings for the first time, this was our first amphibious experience as Royal Marine recruit. Recruit Bailey was flapping a bit when we first entered the water but quickly came around and enjoyed the experience. As a Troop everyone enjoyed the Viking training and even some recruits are thinking about going for it as their SQ.
We moved back to camp to finish the week off. We had lectures and a military knowledge test, we were all apprehensive about test, however it was actually okay. Myself and others were saying how much you are learning and retaining all this knowledge.
Overall the first week back after Christmas has been a good one and it feels like we never left………..


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