177 Troop Week 8

177 Tp Diary Week 8

177 Troop started off Week 8 with a 4 mile run on the local roads. This was carried out in light order but at a pace that, later in training, we will adopt for the speed marches with full kit. This gave the Troop a concept of what it will be like when the distance is increased and weight is added. The whole Troop completed it with ease showing that we may be strong in future speed marches.

Our Tuesday morning was filled with a double Close Quarter Combat (CQC) lesson. We re-capped our hand-locks and chokes and we also got taught how to counter an aggressor’s attacks and get into effective and dominating positions. The lesson concluded with 1 vs 1 matches where 2 Recruits would try and ‘tap out’ the other while on their knees. Recruit Kay was in his element and proved himself, taking on opposition far heavier than himself and finishing undefeated.

The Troop’s bond is strengthening day by day and morale is high. However we continue to make some mistakes, these built up and were rectified with a mud run in the estuary. Although the weather was cold, we soon warmed up after crawling and running in the thick mud.

On Wednesday the Company Commander, came to the accommodation to conduct his inspection. Unfortunately, we failed this for a number of reasons, but mostly due to small mistakes whilst cleaning and certain individuals not having adequate military knowledge. We passed muster by the OC the following morning after rectifying our mistakes that evening and changing our cleaning tactics.

Thursday was spent in the field with the Mountain Leaders (MLs) learning about survival techniques. These techniques will benefit us in our next 5 day exercise – Hunter’s Moon. We learnt how to build a fire, gather water and most importantly how to build a shelter. Hopefully the Troop can put this into practice effectively next week.

Friday consisted of a map reading exercise on Woodbury Common with a 6 mile march back. We put into practice what we had learnt during the navigation lectures throughout the week. On Saturday we had drill in the morning where we re-capped on everything done so far in preparation for our drill passout in Week 9. The Troop is looking strong and should do well at the end of the week.

Having started on a bit of a low, it has been another good week and as with most our weeks here, has flown by.


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