177 Troop Week 7

177 Tp Diary Week 7

Upon arrival back at CTCRM after Christmas Leave, we prepared all the field kit required for Exercise Marshall Star ready for deployment the following morning. Once the Troop arrived at Woodbury Common, the weather looked ominous and it began to rain. The poor weather lowered Troop morale, however, after embracing the wet and cold the Troop forgot about it and cracked on with the Exercise.

Marshall Star incorporated many different key skills that a Recruit needs to pass out of Commando Training. These included aspects of navigation such as taking a bearing, night navigation and counting paces. We also learnt fire control orders, crossing obstacles and stalking – which was the most enjoyable part of the exercise.

Marshall Star culminated in a 5 mile yomp back to CTCRM. This was the first time the Troop had yomped with any weight and the Troop showed determination as we arrived back at CTCRM after an arduous, but enjoyable, exercise.


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