177 Troop Week 5

177 Tp Diary Week 5

Exercise Quick Cover started on Monday. We were all anticipating the exercise and dreading the wet and dry. We were fortunate, however, to have mild weather over the three days. On Monday afternoon we received lectures on why things are seen and camouflage and concealment. I think we all enjoyed ‘caming-up’, I know I did. I was picked out as an example of cam & con three times by the training team and even the Troop Commander himself.

We rotated through sentry three times each that first night, and the Troop was up early the next morning preparing for the field kit inspection. On the last morning we went onto a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) introduction, which the Troop thoroughly enjoyed. We were then treated with a four mile march back to camp.

It wasn’t long before Families Day was upon us, and we ran through it fairly smoothly, with only a few hiccups. It was over before we knew it and we could see our families.

The week had flown by, another one down!


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