177 Troop Week 4

177 Tp Diary Week 4

Week four of training and it’s really ramping up. We are really raising our standards now and learning military subjects such as weapon cleaning, stripping and safety procedures. On Tuesday we packed everything for the field and 177 Troop moved to the rugby field expecting to catch a bus. We waited patiently and were all amazed when a Sea King helicopter landed. No one expected this and after getting a brief from the pilot, we flew to Woodbury Common for Exercise First Step.

In the field the Training Team showed us how to wash correctly, how to administrate ourselves in the field and also how sentry worked and what was expected of us through the night. In the morning we woke up at 5am and packed everything into our bergens. We made our way to the top where we were expected to complete a kit muster to the Training Team’s standards. When we finished the field inspection, we packed our bergens into the 4 tonner, leaving us with only our webbing and weapons ready for the march back to camp.

In the gym we are building our IMF circuits up to the point where we’re all hanging out, but it feels good. We’ve now been introduced to the beams and learned how to make fast on the ropes. The week ended with an early drill session, which consisted of an inspection and we also learnt new drill movements, whilst trying to sharpen everything up for families day the following week.

Week four was definitely a good week for 177 Troop, morale is high.


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